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ForceSelect offers a Mentoring Programme to all the candidates we place into employment to ease the transition from the military to civilian life.

Leaving the Forces can be both an exciting and a daunting experience. Our Mentoring Programme is designed to support you in your transition to civilian life and, most importantly, help you to enjoy a successful new career. Our team are here to help you with ongoing support, guidance and advice.

Finding a new job is often the first part of the transition process, but there are so many other aspects of your life that will change when you leave the Forces, it’s difficult to predict which ones will present you with challenges.  

How the Mentoring Programme works

You will be offered a personal mentor who will be on hand to ensure you make the very best start in your new employment. This might involve:

  • Preparing for your first day(s)
  • Understanding the business/industry
  • Dealing with differences in culture and the way civilian organisations operate
  • Maximising your performance

Our mentors will also be able to offer assistance in finding support to help you deal with personal and domestic issues such as:

  • Personal finances
  • Housing or accommodation
  • Family responsibilities including education
  • Medical needs


Published: 1 day ago
Published: 1 day ago


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