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ForceSelect is committed to developing the diverse skills and experiences of all. We respect our employees, clients and candidates throughout the world, irrespective of their differences or similarities and wish everyone to feel valued. We recognise that people from different backgrounds, experiences and abilities can bring fresh ideas and innovations to improve our working practices and business.

ForceSelect is committed to the goals of equal opportunity and affirmative action in employment. It aims to provide a work environment for staff that fosters fairness, equality, and respect for social and cultural diversity, and that is free from unlawful discrimination, harassment and vilification as determined by current and future legislation.

In our continuing effort to ensure that diversity is embedded in our culture, reflected in our people and to better serve our clients and candidates, we will endeavour to ensure that all company activities, policies, practices and procedures are carried out in accordance with this policy. Each employee is accountable for ensuring that they understand the value and benefits of diversity and held personally responsible for ensuring that they set an exemplary standard for others whilst complying with the policy.


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