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Why Not Join An Engineering Start Up?

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Many start up recruiters should be advertising for ex army jobs if they want to find more engineers to fill a skills gap.

The engineering skills gap has proved to be problematic to fill for a number of years now, with the government launching a number of initiatives to get more people to study engineering. People leaving the army may have many of the skills that are being looked for by employers.

It is expected that there are 2.26 million job openings in STEM areas by 2022 so it is great area to go into.

So how do you ensure that you can get involved in an industry start up?

Follow these tips to ensure you make the best shot at it.

  1. Make sure that if you are applying to an engineering start up that you understand the company’s product. This is important if you want to stand out from the crowd and show you are interested in what they are offering.
  2. Similarly, understand their competitors. You want to be able to show that you can help the organisation have an edge over other companies with your expertise. For this you need to know where they stand out and what their USP is.
  3. Developing an online presence will not have been a priority in the forces but it is now. You need to show that you are out there and ensuring you are knowledgeable about your field.
  4. Show off your individuality as there are unlikely to be a large number of other ex forces applicants. Make this work for you. 
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Published: 22 days ago
Published: 22 days ago


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