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9,084 MoD Properties ‘Sitting Vacant’

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Empty military homes appear to be a growing problem in the UK in spite of the fact that there’s a housing shortage and many veterans – whether they’re seeking jobs for ex military or otherwise – are being forced to either sleep rough or couch surf.

Figures seen by the Daily Express indicate that there are 9,084 houses that are owned by the Military of Defence (MoD) that are empty at the moment, with the government admitting that a small number of veterans have struggled to find housing or employment after leaving the Armed Forces.

Speaking to the news source, James Richardson – chief executive of military housing charity Haig Housing – said: “We do have a shortage of houses for veterans and the application to us as a charity are six times our ability to meet that demand on an annual basis. We cannot help all the people who apply to us.”

The MoD has defended the seemingly high number of empty properties, saying that more vacant homes are required because approximately 20,000 families in the military are rehoused annually.

Earlier this year (October), Princes William and Harry joined forces with BBC show DIY SOS to help renovate eight buildings in Newton Heath in Manchester to provide extra housing for veterans. The street in question will also include a walk-in support centre, with the aim being not only to provide housing for former military personnel but also to raise awareness of the issues they face when leaving active service.

If you feel you need help having left the military, get in touch with us here at ForceSelect to see what we can do for you.

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Published: 1 day ago
Published: 1 day ago


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