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REC And KPMG Announce September Jobs Growth

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There may be more jobs for ex military personnel on the horizon, with the latest research indicating an increase in employment vacancies across the country.

Transitioning to civilian life can be a challenge for some veterans, but news that companies are offering more opportunities to UK jobseekers is likely to be encouraging.

Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) and KPMG data showed the number of available permanent and temporary positions rose in September, albeit at a slower rate of growth than in previous months. The figures also revealed staff appointments had increased.

Demand for talented staff was particularly strong in the private sector, while public sector vacancies experienced a decline. REC chief executive Kevin Green argued the country's job market is now "entering a new phase".

"Talent shortages are making it increasingly difficult for employers to find quality candidates," he explained. "Salaries are growing rapidly in the private sector as employers compete for talent."

Industries that may see a surge in ex forces jobs include construction and engineering. Mr Green said current skills gaps in these sectors could potentially cause problems for major house building and rail upgrade projects.

Last month, the REC reported that nearly three-quarters (74 per cent) of employers believed businesses are more confident in the economy. Of the respondents polled, 94 per cent admitted they would be unable to take on more work unless they hired more people.

Mr Green urged the government to focus more on skills and career progression training for workers in order to build a better talent pipeline for the future. 

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Published: 1 day ago
Published: 1 day ago


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