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Armed Forces Vets ‘Struggle’ To Find Work

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Former military personnel may well struggle to find jobs for ex army officers and other positions, with General Sir Nick Parker – former commander of British forces in Afghanistan – saying that a gap is growing between employers and those leaving the Armed Forces seeking work.

He observed that the centralisation of systems, HR policies and risk aversion seem to be having an impact on both selection processes and recruitment.

“As a result these processes frequently operate to the accidental detriment of the ex-military applicant. He or she appears to represent an unconventional candidate and is therefore a risk,” he was quoted by the London Evening Standard as saying.

Veterans often find it hard to secure work once they’re back on Civvy Street, but if you do find yourself in this position, there are many avenues of support you can go down. For example, research the various organisations that have links to the Armed Forces, or consider contacting recruitment agencies that specialise in helping those leaving the military, such as us here at ForceSelect.

Networking can also prove invaluable when you’re looking for jobs. Often, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, so put the feelers out and chat to friends or relatives to see how they can help.

Making sure that your CV is complete and competitive is another key way of getting a leg up on others trying to secure the same job as you. Make sure that all skills, work experience and education is included. Your recruitment agency will be able to help ensure your CV is competitive. 

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Published: 22 days ago
Published: 22 days ago


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