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15 British Vets Receive The Légion D’Honneur

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Those currently seeking ex serviceman jobs (like those on offer here at ForceSelect) will certainly be pleased to hear that 15 veterans from the second world war have just been given the Légion d’Honneur by Jean-Marc Todeschini, French veterans minister.

According to the BBC, a ceremony took place in London this month (September), the latest in a number that have taken place since the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings.

"To these men, France owes its liberation. We will never forget their bravery over 70 years ago, which led to freedom and peace in France and across Europe,” Mr Todeschini was quoted as saying.

Pupils from the Lycee International de Londres Winston Churchill and the Lycee Francais Charles de Gaulle read out the military achievements of the veterans who were being presented with the medal.

This particular honour was first set up back in 1802 by Napoleon Bonaparte. In order for someone to be considered for the medal, they would have to show flawless performance in their work or go above and beyond the call of duty.

Military distinctions are awarded either for extreme bravery or service. There was a slight hold-up for British veterans hoping to receive their medals this year, as the French government hadn’t anticipated the level of interest that would be shown and the number of applications that they would receive.

It was originally thought that only a couple of hundred veterans would apply for the medal, but the government received around 3,000 applications – and this number is expected to increase.

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Published: 22 days ago
Published: 22 days ago


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