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Speed Up Careers Help For Vets!

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Those looking for ex army jobs will be pleased to hear that the Ministry of Defence has called for the implementation of help for veterans in their post-army careers to be sped up.

Lord Ashcroft has criticised the current £100m government scheme which aims to improve employment prospects for people leaving the army, describing it as inefficient.

Job cuts, due in part to funding cuts and also the end of many overseas campaigns, has led to many ex-service personnel in their 30s looking for work outside of the forces, but they are not getting sufficient help, it was claimed in The Independent.

The Veterans Transition review took place last year and made a number of suggestions to improve employment for ex-service people, but the pace at which these changes are being implemented is not brisk enough, the Tory peer said.

Support is worst and most basic for people who had left the army after fewer than four years of service.

Just over half of army leavers with short service were in education, training or employment six months after they had left the army, the review showed.

Little has been done to reverse this effect, however.

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Published: 22 days ago
Published: 22 days ago


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