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WWII Spitfire Sells For £3.1 Million


The fully restored Vickers Supermarine World War II Spitfire that we blogged about a few weeks ago because it was going up for auction has now been sold… for a very impressive £3.1 million, news sure to be of interest to those seeking veteran jobs.

According to the BBC, the fighter plane – currently based at Imperial War Museum Duxford, donated by philanthropist Thomas Kaplan – was shot down in 1940 over Calais and later discovered when it was exposed by the tide.

The plane was piloted by Flying Officer Peter Cazenove at the evacuation of Dunkirk, a pilot who later on found himself in the Stalag Luft III prisoner of war camp. Although he was unable to escape, he did survive the war and later returned to the UK.

Speaking about the sale, Mr Kaplan said: “When we all embarked upon this project, it was to pay homage to those who Churchill called "the Few", the pilots who were all that stood between Hitler's darkness and what was left of civilization. Today's events are, more than anything else, concrete gestures of gratitude and remembrance for those who prevailed in one of the most pivotal battles in modern history."

The Spitfire is perhaps the most recognisable and most famous plane that took to the skies during WWII. Since the end of the war, the plane has become symbolic of British victory and even to this day big events such as the Queen’s birthday and royal weddings are celebrated by a flypast of planes from the second world war, including the Spitfire.

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Published: 22 days ago
Published: 23 days ago


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