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Thousands are expected to turn out tomorrow to honour those in the Armed Forces.

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Armed Forces Day will see events to celebrate Oxfordshire’s servicemen and women past and present as part of the nationwide initiative.

In the run-up to the day, the flag at Oxford Castle was raised on Monday at a ceremony attended by senior representatives of the Armed Forces and veterans.

Jim Lewendon, county chairman of the Royal British Legion, said the celebration was something that should continue.

He added: “I was very pleased to see the flag raise was well attended.

“It was good to see the cadets there. I think it’s very important that young people know the sacrifice that was made. We would not be able to enjoy the food and lives we have today without the thousands of people that gave their lives in the wars for this country.

“It is important to recognise what the present servicemen and women do too.”

In Witney, serving troops, military charities, veterans and cadets will participate in a free event from 9am to 5pm in the town centre.

Event organiser Liam Walker said: “Last year was the first time something like this had been done in the town. The support it got showed just how much local residents value and support our brave Armed Forces.”

Wing Commander Dave Turner based at RAF Brize Norton said: “Armed Forces Day is an extremely important day in the calendar for regular and reserve members of the Armed Forces, the veterans who have served before us and the families who support them all.”

Bicester Carnival will see military displays including the return of the Defence Explosive Ordinance Disposal, Munitions and Search Training Regiment.

The event starts at Pingle Field at 1pm once the procession has made its way through the town.

Town Mayor Jim French will lead the procession.

As part of Banbury events, 142 Vehicle Squadron based in the town, is to be granted the Freedom of Banbury.

In Carterton, the town hall will open at 9am and stalls representing military charities will be set up at the Market Square.

Today, tomorrow and Sunday, Stagecoach is offering free travel to uniformed members of the armed forces.

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Published: 23 days ago
Published: 23 days ago


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