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Salute Our Forces - Google partner with ForceSelect to support Service Leavers and Veterans


Saturday is Armed Forces Day. As a company founded and supported by ex-service personnel, we’re proud to celebrate those who serve our country in so many different ways.

Our Founder, Hugh Andrée, and our Director, Andy McNab, both joined the business world after serving in the military. Hugh, ex-Infantry Officer, knew how hard it was to transition to civilian life, and wanted to help other veterans find opportunities tailored to their specific needs. So he started ForceSelect. Andy McNab spent 18 Years in the Infantry and was a member of the Special Air Service. Now, in addition to his work at ForceSelect, he's a best selling author and successful businessman and investor.

Hugh and Andy shared their thoughts on transitioning from military to business with Google as part of a larger initiative to celebrate ex-servicemen in entrepreneurship. Check out their stories and explore the website to read about other like-minded, passionate veterans — and, if you're a budding entrepreneur yourself, they have discounts on their business products and resources to help other ex-service personnel get their companies off the ground.

We hope you're as inspired as we are to celebrate those who've served and who continue to serve. Check out more at

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