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A year on, Robert Pegg, a former Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Sergeant talks about his transition and finding a job.

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"I was certainly anxious, though as I had not sorted out a job to walk straight into.  This was deliberate as I always said on leaving that I wanted to take a full month off."


"My advice to anyone thinking of leaving the Forces would be that life in the Forces is fantastic but, no matter how good it gets it is never for ever.  Don't leave it until the last minute to organise the afterwards.  Two years prior to leaving you can start resettlement and get on the courses you will need.  Research really pays off: look at who is hiring and the trends.  Set yourself realistic goals and dates, and stick to your plan.  

Get in contact with a recruitment agency such as ForceSelect, be truthful with them and make sure you give them an up-to-date CV.  They will do all the work and be in contact with you before you know it."


"[ForceSelect] organised a job interview for me and kept in contact with both of us through the transition.  It turned out to be my first and only interview as they offered me the job that same week.  I still work there but I'm now the manager.  It does not take long for civilian employers to realise you are an asset."

Extracts from Case Study Robert Pegg, Quest Issue 182, p12.

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Published: 1 day ago
Published: 1 day ago


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